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Welcome on my Blog. Here some information about me.

Rob Wijers, formally Robert.
Married, one son 1991, living in Gouda, Netherlands.
Yes, I have a lot of applicable education (Master of Science ICT Management, UK Middlesex University, Certified ITIL service manager, BSc in IT), technical experience (programming, DBA, datacenters, networks; have turned the bits around myself) and organisational experience (commercial, reorganisation, cost-improvements and culture change).

That enables me to work in the area that I like, culture change in technology organisation towards more open, service oriented, team focus and process driven. Creating a clear, straight, open and energetic organisation where technical specialists are aligned with business leaders. I am proud to say the retained organisation is always more energetic, stable and open and accountable after I move to another role.
So I am a lucky guy and I wish others also to like their work, therefore I sign my blog-items with 'werk met plezier', which is approx 'like your work'. 
The Blog should give you a impression about me as person. My area of expertise is between users of ICT and the technical specialists, bringing business together with ICT.

You can find more information on my linkedin profile.
Contact ? Suggestions ? Opportunities ? Feel free leave a comment.

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